Service project

Enterprises and institutions to move the city's services

In we received you of phone appointment Hou, are can near sent car, let you enjoy most quality of service, most low of price.. service range: 1: Office, and business floor, and hotel, and hotel, and enterprises of mass relocation service 2: residents moved field, and logistics distribution, and long short transport service 3: supporting service: disassembly air conditioning, and furniture, and residents moved field: 1: phone accepted business (special situation door valuation) 2: handling day according to customer requirements point in place, each department car equipped with blankets, and rope,, To do security properly of moved 3: arrived unloading points by requirements placed in place 4: determine moved field end, no damaged, again payment business floor, and enterprises moved field: 1: sent salesman free to your Division see, and chat, provides precise quotes 2: agreed Hou signed set contract, ensure your Division interests 3: according to requirements provides carton, and package, service 4: relocation day sent scheduling member to site scheduling, ensure your Division smooth relocation 5: determine moved field end, no damaged, again payment