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Move old how to deal with

Moved house friends deal with flea problems are encountered, throw them away too bad, give each other may not be needed, this is a lot of people problems encountered prior to the move into new ones.   Ms LI who lives in Yingkou road, Tanggu District, Tianjin Port through the form of transfer will be held in the home, dispose of inconvenient to take the process of moving goods, the results were pretty good. Lee told reporters he was going to be moving, cleaning out items 5 large boxes of used or new items to make her nuts: taking on the new home is not, throw a pity, giving may not be each other's needs. In order to maximize live transfer Lee came up with at home, items on sale to deal with those who do not want to take away items. Ms Lee also posted in the community more popular South Korean propaganda bar transfer of messages.
Lee to transfer small glassware, large cabinets and appliances. "It works really well, day 5 empty box 2. "Lee, told reporters that there are a lot of people use the Web to transfer unused items, but to transfer up to hundreds, taking pictures is too much trouble, and transfer will handle a lot of things, and come to acquaintance of the selected goods are within the community, also to avoid some insecurity.