Service project

Six moving magic recommended

One, which do not usually use began to organize.
does not usually use packing, such as: books, out of season clothing, not used for food or decorations.
ER、yici only boxed arrangement of a room.
'll forget something in the box, so items in each room should not be mixed with boxing is better.
c, heavy little box, big Zoom box.
heavy objects such as books, porcelain, if loaded large boxes when handling will be very hard, and it fit into a small box to it.
four, will mark out of carton packing is complete, make sure the name and new room number marked on the outside of the box.
five, packing do not have gaps. If there are gaps in the
box, in the box easy to move and cause breakage. If you don't watch out there are gaps, to newspapers as a buffer for fixed items in the box.
six, careful not to put too much too full.
box too much easy deformation may lead to tank damage, in addition, in the stack of boxes may collapse due to imbalance, this is very dangerous